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Auto Glass Replacement

Need your glass replaced?  We can handle that for you.  When replacing windshields in today’s vehicles many are equipped with high tech collision avoidance cameras and/or sensors that are often mounted to the windshield.  These highly sophisticated electronic features must be taken into consideration to ensure that they will function the same once the windshield is replaced. The days of just cutting out a windshield and installing in another are becoming obsolete. Many vehicles require calibration and programing once a windshield is replaced.  Don’t just let anyone replace your windshield or glass.  Make sure your windshield or glass is also replaced with a factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass. OEM glass is the glass that your vehicle was originally built with, engineered with, and crash tested with.  A vehicles glass is part of the vehicle’s structure integrity that combined with the other structural components are designed to protect the vehicle’s occupants.  Keep this in mind if your insurance company is wanting to put cheaper aftermarket (imitation) glass on your vehicle.  Call us today for more details.