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Lexi S.

I am beyond thrilled with the service and experience I had with Berli’s. I had been in my first really bad car accident, I was hit from behind while I was stopped at a red light. There was a ton of back body damage, entire back hatch of my brand new BMW x3 was was the bumper… needless to say there were tears involved!

Berli’s was recommended to me direct from BMW of Austin, they said they do the best work! I trusted them and had the car sent over to the body shop. The insurance on the person who hit me took full liability right away and the check in process was easy with Berli’s. I worked directly with Corey and he was incredibly helpful. He kept us informed of the car and the process of its completion the entire time. It did take a while, about a month or a little more, to get it back. But I just picked it up today, and the work looks fantastic.

After such a traumatic event with the accident, it was wonderful to see my car again looking clean and back its original form. It looks just like the day I picked up off the showroom floor at BMW!

I highly recommend Berli’s and the team that works there!! I have read other reviews saying they are pricey, but I feel you can’t put a price on your car if you ¬†REALLY love it and want to maintain it’s value. Yes, I did have to pay a small overage in labor hour charges vs. what Farmers insurance from the other driver would cover, but that does not alter my faith I have in Berli’s or their ability to present quality long lasting work. I would return to them in the future should anything ever happen to my cars again!