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DarthMulle T.

I’ll make this as brief, yet as informative as I possibly can. Please, PLEASE PLEASE, if you are involved in a collision do not let the insurance company steer you into one of their “preferred” collision centers. This is a conflict of interest and you really want an un-biased 3rd party to evaluate the damages. To make a long story short my car was hit by someone due to no fault of my own and my insurance company tried like hell to talk me out of taking it here because they told me that I would be out of pocket for the differences. Which, for the most part is true, however these guys are so incredible that they tore my car apart like the FIA trying to disqualify a winning race car and they found so many more things wrong with it that it was deemed a total loss after my insurance company assured me, on many occasions, that it would be repaired. Not only did they get my car totaled, which is what you want when the frame is bent and the airbags are deployed, but they treated me like I was their customer, even though the insurance company was. There were high end cars in the parking lot, along with my domestic daily driver, yet these guys cared for me as if my car was worth 4x what it cost. The next time I have a need for collision repair, I’m taking it to them because I know I will get a straight answer, using factory new parts and not Chinese knock-offs. Think about that the next time your airbags go off. Do you want to risk them not going off the next time? Do you want substandard repairs? Not me. Berli’s has earned my business from here out. Period. I felt respected. In turn I respect them.